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Meet the Laurel Canyon Animal Company team

Twenty years ago, two songwriters, Skip Haynes and Dana Walden, formed the only record label in-the-world that creates music about, for, and with animals. It’s the only label in the world that uses psychics to involve animals directly in the creative musical process. They are the first record company to co-produce an album with a gorilla and to use psychics to communicate, not only with dogs and cats, but also with Pink Dolphins. They are, to this day, dedicated to local interests and projects that have global ramifications as they continue to build bridges with music between animals and humans.

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Skip Haynes

Skip Haynes wrote the Classic rock song Lake Shore Drive and was lead vocalist for Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah – popular Chicago based band in the 70’s and early 80’s. He produced and wrote five albums and several singles with AHJ. He is also the author of three non-fiction books. The Book of Rehab, Road Stories (or what’s a nice guy like me doing in a band like this/) and Waiting For Rosie (a coyote’s story).

He moved to Los Angeles in the early 80’s and continued to write and produce music. He was an assistant art director for the GRAMMYs for eight years.

Skip is an advocate and co-founder of CLAW (Citizens For Los Angeles Wildlife) a non-profit dedicated to saving and preserving wildlife and habitat in Los Angeles. He has co-authored two ordinances in coordination with Paul Koretz, a Los Angeles City Council member. One to ban rodenticides and one to create wildlife corridors in Los Angeles.

Haynes has been an anti-development political activist for the last fifteen years in Los Angles where he now lives. The album “Hold Them Accountable” is the result of his experiences dealing with government. “Everybody Wants A Piece Of The Pie” is the single from that album.

Haynes actively works to hold local government accountable through The Kirkwood Bowl Foundation, a non-profit organization he is the Community Relations and Spotlight Projects Director.

However music, dogs and the Laurel Canyon Animal Company remain his first loves.

Dana is an award winning composer, performer, producer and director. His early career included two multi-million selling pop songs, How ʻBout Us and Try Again, which were international hits with CBS recording artists, Champaign. He toured internationally with numerous appearances on American Bandstand, Soultrain, and Solid Gold. He has written more than 70 scores for film and television and has worked with such illustrious artists as Johnny Cash and June Carter, Bonnie Raitt, John Denver, Don Edwards, Roy Rogers, Earth, Wind and Fire, and many more. His varied career also includes numerous genres including the childrenʼs market, where his Pac Man books and records sold over 1 million units. He also composed and produced successful music series for Looney Toons and Donkey Kong, as well as the soundtrack for the CBS special Alice in Wonderland. More recently, Dana has shifted his attention to film where his credits include producing and composing the soundtrack for the PBS special All My Friends Are Cowboys, starring Wilford Brimley, Johnny Cash, and Roy Rogers. In parallel time, Dana has focused his talent and passion on educational activities, including being co-creator of Danaʼs film directorial debut came with the documentary Dreaming Heaven, for which he also wrote the score. Dana is a bridge that connects an incredibly diverse group of talents to a common purpose, helping all those who come in contact with his projects to realize the dream of Heaven on Earth.

Music from the Pink Dolphins

Music from the Pink Dolphins

Relax and come with us to that perfect place where the Amazon melts into the forest, where dolphins swim among treetops, and where the most impossible of possibilities come true.

A couple of songwriters from Illinois woke up one morning in the Amazon rehabbing a pink dolphin.

Music from The Pink Dolphins was created to raise awareness and funds for groups involved in protecting both the rare Pink River Dolphins and the Rainforest that is their home. Join us on a journey up the Amazon past the Meeting of the Waters, past Manaus, past the Jaguars in the night to the rain forests of Peru to meet the Pink River Dolphins. To the local people they are “Botos””- shape-shifters, who in the guise of human desire, can claim your soul and take you to the Encante, an enchanted underwater world. Hear the messages they have shared with us through our translators. Learn the legends that will astound you as they did us! Transmissions received directly from the Pink Dolphins translated through our telepathic communicators were used as guides for creating both lyrics and music. The lyrics of one of the songs – Anima Mundi, are comprised entirely of transmissions received directly from the dolphins. One of the only existing recordings of a vocalization of a wild Pink Amazonian river Dolphin has been incorporated into the music. The very unique voice of the Pink Dolphin which has never before been heard beyond the Amazon is now an integral part of this music. Relax and come with us to that perfect place where the Amazon melts into the forest, where dolphins swim among treetops, and where the most impossible of possibilities come true. The music was tested at the EEG Institute in Los Angeles and according to the test results, Music From the Pink Dolphins lowers blood pressure and creates a theta state that relaxes muscles.

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Bring an Animal Home for the Holidays


The perfect holiday Gift CD for you and your animal-loving friends and their animals. Play it for all your festive holiday occasions.

Ten toe-tapping, original, animal-inspired holiday songs. From the Monty Python-esque Bring An Animal Home For The Holidays, to the late-night to It’s that time of the Year, to the gospel tones of May Peace Be With You, to the Dr. John-ish Tarantula’s Christmas, to We Wish You A Squeaky Christmas – a song both you and your dogs will enjoy, this CD will be a most enjoyable addition to your holiday playlist!

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War Dog

The Laurel Canyon Animal Company’s new musical project “WAR DOG” is a collaboration between a United States Marine War dog named Sirius, musicians Skip Haynes and Dana Walden, psychic medium and animal communicator Vincent Genna and the spirit of Marine Sgt. Joshua Ashley.

The Laurel Canyon Animal Company is the only record label in the world that creates music about, for and with animals. We are the only label that employs the services of psychics to involve animals directly in the creative musical process.

We choose a particular animal or species we would like to work with and then choose an animal communicator we think would fit that project. We ask the communicator “read” the animal and based on the “read”, write and produce the songs.

This particular project (our 16th) has an added dimension in that the spirit of Joshua, Sirius’ handler and his mother Tammie are an intricate part of this musical equation.

The goals of the WAR DOG project are:

1. To help fund American Goldstar Mothers, Inc, the organization that has been providing support for the mothers of fallen soldiers since 1928 and the United States War Dogs Association, the preeminent organization providing aid and resources for active duty and decommissioned war dogs and their handlers and families. The Laurel Canyon Animal Co

2. To bring their stories and and the story of war dogs and the people around them to as large a portion of the general public as possible through public interest in the unique story of how this music is created and and who it is created with.

The WAR DOG project has resulted in a trilogy of three intertwining songs below.

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The Laurel Canyon Animal Company believes that these animals and their handlers who give their lives for our country deserve to have their story told and be supported in any way possible. This is our way of doing that.

Listen to Vincent Genna’s first “read” of Sirius:

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More Songs To Make Dogs Happy

MORE Songs To Make Dogs Happy! can have the same results since it utilizes and builds upon the research and expertise gained from Songs To Make Dogs Happy.

Includes songs for dog lovers based on experience with our own dogs and the input we have received from hundreds of our customers and their dogs.

Songs To Make Dogs Happy!proved to help ease separation anxiety, made traveling with dogs easier and more fun and comforted dogs in many other situations. MORE Songs To Make Dogs Happy! can have the same results since it utilizes and builds upon the research and expertise gained from Songs To make Dogs Happy.

We received so many requests from all over the world to release a second CD for dogs we did just that. We had to change and in some cases, completely delete songs based on the responses of the dogs in our test groups.

MORE Songs To Make Dogs Happy! makes everybody smile – dogs and humans – something sorely needed these days.

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Ugly Dogs Need More Love

Music for People who love Dogs and the best way to choose a new dog at the pound.

All the songs and stories on this Album are inspired by dogs. Each track is devoted to a particular concern, situation or shared experience of people who love dogs.

Songs such as: The Leash Lambada La La Bow Wow — homage to the dance two people with two dogs do when they meet two other people with two dogs going in the opposite direction. Ugly Dogs Need More Love — a wonderful way to choose your next dogs — and friends. The Album also includes true dog stories such as Talking to the Dogs — which ponders the burning question — Why do people remember their neighbor’s dog’s names better than they remember their neighbor’s names — and, if so, is it better that way?

Contrary to popular belief the stunning cover models are not professionals but actual Laurel Canyon dogs. Since posing on the cover many of them have gone on to highly successful careers in modeling, security, psychology and or course, food tasting.

If you love dogs and you love music and you love to smile, you’ll love this Album.

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Songs To Make Dogs Happy

Songs to Make Dogs Happy

The Only Musical CD for Dogs Approved by Dogs. Bring your dog into the room and play the preview track above ‘Squeaky Deaky’ and see what happens!!!

Songs To Make Dogs Happy was created by Skip Haynes and Dana Walden of the L.A. based record label, Laurel Canyon Animal Company.

They utilized the services of an animal. communicator who convened focus groups of dogs taken from over two hundred and fifty dogs nationwide – both shelter animals and pets. The music and lyrics for the CD were created based on the dog’s responses as “translated” via the communicator. The result was a CD that dogs love to listen to. When it was aired on NPR’s Weekend Edition, it became one of the most emailed interviews due to the huge amount of listener’s dog’s responses to the music that NPR received from all over the country.

Songs To Make Dogs Happy:
• Eases separation anxiety
• Helps animals in recovery from serious illness
• Eases dogs traveling fears and anxieties
• Calms dogs in shelters

People the world over have contacted the Laurel Canyon Animal Company to relate the responses their dogs have exhibited listening to Songs To Make Dogs Happy over the radio, at home and in their cars. Similar responses have been received from rescue and rehab organizations all over the country.

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Coyote Girl

Rosie Coyote: A One-In-A-Million Success Story Against All Odds!

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This video/song is about a coyote named Rosie who brought our Laurel Canyon, California neighborhood together in the late summer of 2009. No one knew what she was because she was hairless and dark gray- some people even thought she was a Chupacabra

One of the most adaptable animals in the world, the coyote can change its breeding habits, diet and social dynamics to survive in a wide variety of habitats. The majority of coyotes never see people and people never see them.

There are now more coyotes living in the United States than when the Declaration of Independence was signed, no matter how hard we try to kill them off, because they are smarter than us.

• Coyote Girl is the story of the hunt for Rosie – one of those coyotes.

• Waiting For Rosie is the diary of how she was tracked, trapped and rehabilitated.

This video/song is about a coyote named Rosie who brought our Laurel Canyon, California neighborhood together in the late summer of 2009. No one knew what she was because she was hairless and dark gray- some people even thought she was a Chupacabra.

It turned out she was a small, nine month old female coyote with mange and secondary infections due to secondary rodenticide poisoning. She was the saddest looking animal we had ever seen. Everyone wanted to help her.

The images on the video seen during the solo are the complete cycle from new born to four weeks to four months with mange to nine months with mange to ten months to one week after her capture to three weeks into rehabilitation to healed and ready to release.

By the way, after seeing Rosie for the first time, I believe that the legend of the Chupacabra originated with people seeing coyotes with mange – the number two killer of coyotes.

Net profits from Coyote Girl are donated to CLAW (Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife), a non-profit organization dedicated to saving native wildlife and habitat.

Coyotes, like sharks, are completely misunderstood and a very necessary part of our ecosystem. They are not going away. We need to learn to live with them.

When I began this adventure I had no idea a small, sick coyote would become such a large part of my life. I did, however, keep a record of the whole process, which resulted in this book .

It is a recounting of her capture and rehabilitation , the results of her rehabilitation and, most important, what was learned by becoming involved with a small coyote named Rosie. It involves a crew of volunteers that rival M.A.S.H. and a coyote that was smarter than all of us who brought our community together in a positive way we could’ve never imagined.

Our entire community learned some valuable lessons from Rosie. I wrote this book to pass on those lessons and possibly change a few perceptions about how we interact with the animals we live with.

Meeting Rosie turned me (and many of my neighbors) into advocates for coyotes, which in turn made us advocates for all animals and our environment. Besides, it’s a great story that will make you smile. Rosie is quite an animal, as you will find out.

I hope you enjoy the book, but most of all; I hope it inspires other communities to look at their environment and their neighbors with a more positive and better informed viewpoint. We’re all in this together.

Chalk one up for the animals,
Skip Haynes.

Koko - Fine Animal Gorilla

Koko - Fine Animal Gorilla

The Laurel Canyon Animal Company is the only record label in the world dedicated to creating a bridge between animals and humans through music. Koko is the only Gorilla in the world dedicated to saving the planet.

One of the first animals The Laurel Canyon Animal Company put on their roster was Koko, the lowland gorilla who communicates through sign language. They began working musically with her in 2004.

MAN STUPID! is a song collaboration between the Laurel Canyon Animal Company and Koko – the lowland gorilla who communicates through sign language.  It’s inspired by Koko’s speech in January regarding the dangers of denying climate change. A theme song to act as a lightening rod to engage people. 85% percent of the lyrics of MAN STUPID! (including the title) are Koko’s words.

This collaboration include’s the hit song ‘MAN STUPID!’ where the very famous gorilla Koko is a spokesperson to support the position that climate change is a clear and present danger. MAN STUPID! is also the first song of the first dual-species album ever attempted.

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